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With Over 100 Acres to Explore, the Arboretum is Your Urban Oasis

The Aurora Community Arboretum is 100+ acres in size within the Town of Aurora parkland between Wellington Street to the south and St John’s Sideroad to the north along the valley of the East Holland River.

Trees & Flowers

Growing and maintaining specimen trees is our primary objective and is the main purpose of an Arboretum.

Birds & Wildlife

An arboretum is ideal for bird-watching, and the Aurora Arboretum is no exception.

The Meadow

The most northern part of the Arboretum is quite special. It is increasingly rare today to find a meadow in an urban setting in Southern Ontario.

River & Ponds

Having a river run through the Arboretum, along with several ponds, makes for a diverse landscape and provides essential water for the area.


100+ acres east of Industrial Pkwy N, between St. John's Sideroad and Wellington St. E

Aurora Community Arboretum

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