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What Can You Do?

Use the Arboretum

Go for a walk. Follow the nature trails. Enjoy, share and care for this space.


Our commemorative program includes the opportunity for individuals and organizations to commemorate the memory of people and events by purchasing and dedicating a tree already growing in the Arboretum. Benches can also be commemorated. This revenue helps us grow and maintain what we have. Learn more.


You can sign up on our volunteer list and come out to help when possible.

Become a Member

It’s only $20 per year and allows you to vote at our Annual General Meeting.

Volunteer! There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping Hand

Regular volunteer work events in the Arboretum and its nursery run from April to October. Volunteers are called as needed for help with planting, maintaining and cleaning up.

If you would like to help out, please click the Volunteer button to register your details and we will add you to our volunteer mailing list. All volunteers must sign a waiver form before working in the Arboretum, or sign the specific event form on the day they come out.

Community volunteers


Become a Member

Members can choose to be active participants or passive donors through their purchase of an annual membership. Those who choose to be active participants work, as time is available, to help the Aurora Community Arboretum meet its goals. This working contribution may be in the Arboretum or in an administrative function.

(Volunteers are required to complete a Waiver Form with the Town of Aurora in order to do physical work in the Arboretum.)

Memberships are $20 per calendar year for each member.

Complete the form below then send a cheque for $20 made payable to Aurora Community Arboretum to:

The Treasurer
c/o Tina Sarta
79 Ardill Cres
Aurora ON L4G 5S5

Payment can also be done by e transfer to  [email protected]

Please check the areas below where you would be willing to help the Arboretum:

Need a print version of this form? Download one here.

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