Commemorative bench

The Commemorative Tree and Bench Program

This program is a major fundraiser for the Arboretum. We plant a wide variety of trees (many species and varieties) and allow them to grow and become well established for at least 3 years before they are allowed to be dedicated. Once well established, they are made available to individuals, groups or organizations to commemorate something or someone important to them. Benches may also be commemorated.

The tree or bench may be used as memorials to loved ones we have lost, or they may be gifts of love for husbands, wives, or parents who are still living. They may commemorate special events in our lives, the birth of children, special birthdays, or marriage. They may recognize achievement by individuals or groups, or by an organization to recognize the accomplishment of individuals. The opportunities are endless.

What does it cost for a Commemorative Tree?

A donation of $1500* enables the donor to commemorate a tree. This pays for the original purchase costs and maintenance of the tree plus an outdoor dedication plaque, mounted above the snow line on an iron post. Another portion of the money goes to our account for the purchase of additional trees and for possible replacement should that be necessary. Donors are granted ‘Friend of the Arboretum’ status until the end of the calendar year following the donation.

Charitable receipts are issued by the Town of Aurora at the end of the year for the full amount of the donation.

What does it cost for a Commemorative Bench?

A donation of $1800* enables the donor to have a standard park bench installed in an agreed upon location, with an appropriate commemorative plaque attached. Donors of benches are granted Friend of the Arboretum status until the end of the calendar year following the donation. A Charitable Receipt for the full amount will be issued to the donor by the Town of Aurora.

For more information or to start the donation process for a Commemorative Tree or Bench, contact the Arboretum. The Commemorative Program coordinators will show you which trees are available or potential locations for benches to commemorate and assist you in completing the donation and finalizing the agreement.

*2024 donation level, subsequent years subject to change.

Commemorative Map

We’ve mapped out all the commemorative trees and benches within the Arboretum. Click on any item to see its details or click the frame symbol in the upper right corner of the map below to view a larger map and search commemorations by surname.

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