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Specimen Trees

Growing and maintaining specimen trees is our primary objective and it is the main purpose of an Arboretum. We also wish to help visitors to the Arboretum make knowledgeable decisions about trees they may choose to plant on their own property.

Currently, all commemorative trees (which are also specimen trees) are labelled. We are working on ways to permanently label all specimen trees. Visitors can look at the tree, identify it, and consider if such a tree would fit their plans for their own property.

You can also visit Connon Nurseries where we source some of our specimen trees. Their online data is usually extensive and may help in selecting an appropriate tree specimen for your property.

The Sesquicentennial Tree

Having a very old and very beautiful Bur Oak that has been growing here for almost 200 years is a great joy. It gave us the opportunity to participate in Aurora’s Sesquicentennial (150 years) celebrations in a way that is meaningful for the Arboretum.

On July 1, 2017, during Aurora’s traditional celebration of Canada’s birthday, a sign was unveiled declaring this Bur Oak as “Aurora’s Sesquicentennial Tree”. The participants were: Mayor Geoff Dawe, Arboretum Chair Irene Clement, and Bob Willson, representing the Willson family that included Lambert Willson, after whom Lambert Willson Park was named.


Below is a list of wildflowers that have been catalogued in the Arboretum. Species that are native to Ontario are indicated with *.

Visit the Photo Gallery page to see photos of the wildflowers in the Arboretum.

Sesquincentennial Tree Sign

Early Spring (May) Wildflowers

Common NameBotanic NameColour of Flower
Anemone, Wood *Anemone quinquefoliawhite
Blue-eyed Grass *Sisyrinchium montanumblue
Buttercup, CommonRanunculus acrisyellow
Campion, Snowy *Sikene neveawhite
Chamomile, ScentlessMatricaria maritinawhite
Chickweed, CommonStellaria mediawhite
Clover, RedTrifolium pratensepink/red
Clover, Least HopTrifolium dubiumyellow
Dame’s RocketHesperis matronaliswhite/pink/purple
Dandelion, CommonTaraxacum officinaleyellow
Dock, CurledRumex crispusgreen to brown
Fleabane, Common*Erigeron philadelphicuspink
Marsh-Marigold *Caltha posultrisyellow
Mustard, Garlic, INVASIVEAlliara officinaliswhite
Mustard, Tower *Arabis glabrayellow
Mustard, WhiteBrassica hirtayellow
Shepherd's PurseCapsella bursa-pastoriswhite
Strawberry, Common *Fragaria virginianawhite
Trefoil, BirdfootLotus corniculatusyellow
Vetch, Purple *Vicia americana/ craccapurple
True Forget-me-notMyosotis scorpioidesviolet/blue
YarrowAchillia millefoliumwhite

Late Spring (June) Wildflowers

Common NameBotanic NameColour of Flower
Alfalfa, LucerneMeticago sativablue-violet/purple
Avens, Yellow *Geum aleppicum var. strictumyellow
Barley, foxtail, (grass)Hordeum jubatumgreen
Bedstraw, SmoothGalium mollugowhite
Bindweed, FieldConvovulus arvensiswhite
Blackberry *Rubus sp.white
Brome, Smooth (grass)Bromus inermisyellow/green
Common Chess (grass)Bromus secalinusgreen
ChicoryCichorium intybusblue
Cinquefoil, Common *Potentilla simplexyellow
Clover, AlsikeTrifolium hybridumwhite
Clover, WhiteTrifolium repenswhite
Clover, White Sweet, MelilotMelilotus albawhite
Clover, Yellow SweetMelilotus officinalisyellow
Coreopsis, Lance-Leaved *Coreopsis lanceolatayellow
Creeping CharlieGlechoma hederaceaviolet
Daisy, Ox-eyeChrysanthemum leucanthemumwhite
Foxtail, Green (grass)Setaria viridus
Goat's-Beard, YellowTragopogon pratensisyellow
Grape, WildVitus labrusca?/riparia?green/yellow
Hawkweed, King DevilHieracium pratenseyellow
Heal-All, SelfhealPrunella vulgarisviolet
Hound's TongueCynoglossum officinalemaroon
Iris, YellowIris pseudacorusyellow
Joe-Pye Weed*Eupatorium purpureumpink/purple
Lobelia, Longleaf *Lobelia elongatablue
Milkweed, Common *Asclepias syriacarose/lavender
MotherwortLeonuris cardiacapink/lilac
Mullein, CommonVerbascum thapsusyellow
Mustard, WildSinapis arvensisyellow
Nettle, Slender *Urtica gracilisgreen
Nightshade, BittersweetSolarum dulcamaraviolet
Parsnip, Cow *Heracleum maximumwhite
Queen Anne's LaceDaucus carotawhite
Raspberry, WildRubus idaeuswhite
Rue, Tall Meadow *Thalictrum polygamumwhite
Soft Rush (grass)Juncus effusesyellow/green to brown
Spurge, LeafyEuphorbia esulayellow
Thistle, CanadaCirsium arvenselilac
Sow-Thistle, FieldSonchus arvensisyellow

Early Summer (July) Wildflowers

Common NameBotanic NameColour of Flower
AgrimonyAgrimonia gryposepalayellow
Angelica, Alexanders *Angelica atropurpureawhite
Arrowhead, Broad-leaved, aquaticSagittaria latifoliawhite
Bindweed, Hedge *Conolvolas sepiumpink or white
Black-eyed Susan *Rudbeckia hirtayellow
Burdock, CommonArctium minusLavender/purple
Butter-and-eggsLinaria vulgarisyellow
CatnipNepeta catariawhite
Cattail, common *Typha latifoliabrown
Cinquefoil, Rough-fruitedPotentilla rectayellow
Cucumber, Wild *Echinocystis lobatawhite
Dog-strangling Vine, INVASIVECynanchum rossicumred/brown or pinkish
ElecampaneInula heleniumyellow
Fleabane, DaisyErigeron strigosuswhite
Foxglove, Beardtongue *Penstemon digitaliswhite
Hemlock, Water *Cicuta macolatawhite
Joe-Pye Weed, Spotted *Eupatorium maculatumpink/red
Knapweed, BlackCentaurea nigrarose/purple
Lettuce, PricklyLactuca scariolayellow
Lily, DayHemerocallis fulvaorange
Loosestrife, Fringed *Lysimachia ciliatayellow
Loosestrife, Purple, INVASIVELythrum salicariapurple/magenta
Mallow, MuskMalva moschatapink/lavender
Parsnip, WildPastinaca sativayellow
Evening-Primrose, Common *Oenothera biennisyellow
Sow-Thistle, Spiny-LeavedSonchus asperyellow
St. Johnswort, CommonHypericum perforatumyellow
Tansy, CommonTanacetum vulgareyellow
Thistle, BullCirsium vulgarerose/purple
Vervain, BlueVerbena hastataviolet/purple
Viper’s BuglossEchium vulgareblue
Willowherb HairyEpilobium hirsutumrose/purple

Late Summer (August) Wildflowers

Common NameBotanic NameColour of Flower
Aster, Bushy *Aster dumosusblue/violet to white
Aster, Large-leafed *Aster macrophyllusviolet or white
Bouncing BetSaponaria officinalispink or white
Goldenrod, Lance-leaved *Solidago graminifoliayellow
Goldenrod, Late *Solidago giganteayellow
Invasive Phragmites, INVASIVE
(Common Reed, European)
Phragmites australis subsp. australispurple/brown plume
Knapweed, BrownCentaurea jacearose/purple
Touch-me-not, Spotted *Impatiens capensisorange
Turtle Head *Chelone glabrawhite




Goat's Beard

Goat’s Beard



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